HDL Systems is a leading IT services group, provides a comprehensive range of computer
services in the field of information technology. It is known for maintaining quality standards, customer
service, and professionalism at an international level.
The group combines innovation and decades of experience in setting up, implementing, and integrating
information systems. HDL Systems offers distinctive integrated solutions for all types of hardware,
software, database, and communications platforms; each of its business units specializes in a distinctive
area. This wide-ranging expertise allows it to formulate and provide an integrative solution on its own,
offering its clients added value and helping them develop the technological advantages needed to
advance their interests.
In addition, HDL Systems has subsidiaries that specialize in distinctive technologies and solutions that
complement its main areas of activity. Its subsidiaries are an inseparable part of its business; they work
in complete synergy with HDL Systems to enable it to provide comprehensive, professional solutions.

The software and application solutions that HDL Systems offers present organizations with the option
of intelligent advanced management of the resources at their disposal. This is done by studying the
organization, characterizing its needs, and building the architecture for the optimal solution for the client
- from the characterization and planning stage through implementation and final adjustments, including
providing support for the existing systems.
Our consulting and services fields are
-TrackWise-electronic quality management system
-Crystal Business Object and SSRS-advanced reporting tools
-Siebel CRM-customer relationship management  solution
-MDM (Master data management)-organizational single source of truth solution
-Enterprise resource planning solutions by worldwide leading vendors