Retailers world-wide recognize the vital need to reduce operating expenses, and master multi-channel marketing, in order number of consumers today interact with retail businesses via numerous touch points, such as “ brick and mortar” retail stores, mail order catalogs or the online internet store. To successfully sell a diverse range of products efficiently, it is essential that retailers maintain consistent, complete and up-to-date product information on a 24x7 basis. Effective data synchronization and product information management are now mission-critical, enabling retailers to better implement product re-engineering and marketing strategies, and quickly communicate changes across multiple channels.

Riversand PIM Solution enables automated synchronization of product information from external sources such as a retailer’s suppliers, UCCnet, and exchanges such as WWRE and Transora. It serves as a centralized platform for purchasing, merchandising and marketing, enabling effective collaboration. A single repository now serves as the focal point for distributing product information enterprise-wide, to multiple channels, from retail stores, to online e-commerce systems, print catalogs and promotions.

Riversand Solution Benefits    Increased Revenues:  Reach a larger universe of buyers through a multi-channel strategy. Increase revenues by reducing out-of-stock items. Authorize and stock new product introductions in hours, not weeks. Reduced Supply Chain Costs:  Synchronize product information across all points of the supply chain (UCCnet, UDEX, Transora, WWRE), with disparate formats (EAN*UCC, GCI, UDEX, SINFOS), or directly from manufacturers. Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing:  Transform sales and marketing strategies into a fully integrated multi-channel strategy. Generate electronic catalogs, print catalogs and promotions from a single product content repository. This ensures consistent product information, pricing and branding across all channels.