Risk Management

Risk management solutions by HDL Systems are designed to provide solutions for organizations facing stricter regulation and looking for better internal control. 
With HDL Systems experts you can design and put in place risk management systems in different areas: operating risk, financial risk, credit risk etc. We also develop control systems to be used by the enterprise to obtain a true, real-time view of risks.

Among the projects we have delivered are complex projects involving regulatory reporting and compliance with accounting reporting requirements - such as compliance with the FAS 157 and FAS 133 standards, market and credit risk management, risk mapping, asset and liability management and position management. As for enterprise profitability, we offer profit analysis, pricing strategies and optimization, improvement of billing and collection processes - so as to allow the enterprise to reach maximum profitability while maintaining efficient operations.

Our flagship products are the Total Financial Management system, which offers a centralized view of the enterprise's financial performance, and the SWORD system, a technology infrastructure for operating risk management.