Supplier Quality Management Food Safety Software for the Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is under increasing pressure to achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements such as GFSI, ISO, BRC and FSMA, as well as the constant wave of new, stricter regulations.  The ever-evolving global regulatory landscape is driven by a greater focus on food safety, food defense, and traceability.  As regulatory scrutiny increases, food and beverage organizations must produce, manage and track goods effectively in order to deliver safe, quality products to their customers.  Holistic, enterprise-wide supplier quality management systems enable companies to obtain a global view of all quality issues and supplier information.

Supplier Relationship Management               

HDL specialists will help your organization organizing supplier identity, relationships, evidence, status, approvals, contacts, business units and classifications within one seamless environment, allowing your organization to cross-link all information and records about a supplier.

Supplier Qualification

HDL's knowledge will assist your organization  managing  qualification and approvals of new suppliers, including all necessary qualification steps, which may vary based on the supplier’s risk assessment, and may include tasks such as tender process, analysis and certificate process, self-assessment and on-site audit.

Supplier List Management

We will help your organization to maintain and monitor approved or preferred supplier lists, which may take the form of customized reports or can be reviewed online.

Risk-Based Supplier Audits

HDL's software module is flexible enough to manage different types and frequencies of audits based on the risk level and the supplier rating or score established in a supplier’s profile.  Users may also schedule ad hoc audits or inspections as a result of a non-compliance trend in supplier quality.  The audit process, related audit findings and subsequent SCARs are managed and tracked to ensure resolution.

Incoming Material Inspections

Inspection records can be created when materials are received to ensure appropriate tracking of all inspection activities. Inspection type, received date, material information, material quality, inspection results and other information can be recorded.

Supplier Non-Compliance

In the event that materials are below quality control standards, non-compliance records can be generated independently or directly from the inspection record. Correct usage of a web based implementation e ensures that the supplier investigations and root cause analyses are tracked through to completion.

Supplier Corrective Action Requests

Our software enables your organization to track all SCARs to completion.  Suppliers can be provided with secure access to view only their specific non-compliances and audit findings and to record corresponding corrective actions.

Supplier Documentation

You organization will maintain or link to documentation of important specifications, including any legal, regulatory or safety documents, inspection plans, delivery windows and acceptance sampling for received items.  Documentation stored in the document management portion of the system is fully accessible as required.

Supplier Communication

As a web-based system, allows your suppliers to interact with the system using a portal or a dashboard to access necessary information, such as outstanding issues, ongoing SCAR implementation and audit scores. Suppliers can also communicate any change that may impact the product risk.

Supplier Scorecard

Supplier scorecard combines information in the quality management system, such as non-compliances, audit findings and SCARs, as well as information from an ERP or data warehouse.  The supplier scorecard allows suppliers to benchmark their value within their material category and against all suppliers.